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Welcome Canadian Buyers! There are lots of reasons our Canadian customers purchase from us. Whether it's because we have the inventory they want or whether it's to save money on vehicles selling at a premium north of the border, we are happy to help and are extremely familiar with the process.

The first question we usually get is,"Can I purchase a vehicle in the United States?" The answer is nearly always yes, so long as the vehicle is pre-owned. The vehicle does need to meet compatibility requirements, but at any given time nearly 100% of our inventory meets these requirements.

The second question is then,"How do I do it?" Although there are steps that must be taken, it actually isn't difficult and we are happy to assist in the process. By following some simple steps, you can import your vehicle into Canada relatively hassle-free and often save thousands over premiums of buying in Canada.

  • Pick out a vehicle you would like to purchase from Bellingham Nissan. We will work to ensure that the vehicle is compatible for import to Canada. This includes completing any open recalls on the vehicle prior to your import.
  • Complete the sale of the vehicle with Bellingham Nissan.
  • Notify US Customs of the pending export to Canada. US Customs requires three business days (72 hours) notice prior to the import of your vehicle into Canada.
  • Complete the RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles Form) online and print.
  • Present all required documentation to US Customs and Canadian Borders Services.
  • Pay the import fee.
  • Complete an RIV inspection within 45 days.
  • License the vehicle through your provincial or territorial licensing authority.

We are extremely familiar with the process are happy to assist you. We look forward to providing you with amazing service as you import your vehicle. Call us, shop online, or visit us on Iowa Street in Bellingham and see how easy purchasing in the United States can be!

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